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West Northumberland Primary Care Network Patient Support Group are looking for new 'virtual' members

Dec 20, 2023

West Northumberland Primary Care Network are looking for members to join their Patient Support Group. The West Northumberland Primary Care Network, also referred to as 'PCN', is a collaboration of 12* GP practices in West Northumberland.


We operate a Patient Support Group, which is a group of patients (who are registered at our member practices) established to provide a patient population perspective and offer feedback on the health services provided by the PCN. 


Members support the PCN in its aim, providing 'Better Health & Wellbeing for Everyone in West Northumberland', by providing an opportunity for patients to express their views on changes to services proposed by the PCN, but also by suggesting improvements to services based on patient experience.


By being a member of our Patient Group, patients' voices are heard. it's a great way to be involved, more aware of, and able to make suggestions, about the health services they, and their families receive. Members are able to contribute to action plans and help monitor improvements.


We have a very active Core Group, who represent most GP practices, but we are actively seeking additional 'Virtual' Members to join our Patient Group to represent our practice population.


Virtual Group members can be as much or as little involved as they would like, or time allows. Generally being involved only requires 2/3 hours per month.


Participation is mainly via email,  and (if participants wish to do so) by attending our Quarterly Online (Virtual) Patient Group meetings, which is via MS Teams.


We welcome all members from any age (16+), gender, ethnicity and value all opinions and input.


To join the group, or for more information please email or visit our Facebook Page.

*Branch End Surgery, The Bellingham Practice, Burn Brae Medical Group, Corbridge Medical Group, Haltwhistle Medical Group, Humshaugh & Wark Medical Group, Prudhoe Medical Group, Scots Gap Medical Group, Sele Medical Group and White Medical group. 


Although not members of the PCN, Adderlane and Riversdale Surgery receive services from our PCN, so patients from these surgeries are also welcome to join the Patient Support Group.

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