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HPCA Training


The main focus for training for staff is through our quarterly Time Out’s.  These sessions aim to provide relevant training for differing staff groups.  The events prior to the 2020 pandemic have been held in Hexham Hospital Education rooms with some sessions being held in the two GP practices on the Hexham site.  During the pandemic the sessions moved to be online and have proved both useful and an effective method of training, and now we are able to have the flexibility or either method depending on what suits the trainer and room availability.

The training is relevant for our practice staff including clinical issues, administration matters, and dispensing updates. 

Recent Topics covered include:

·         Diabetes updates

·         Asthma Updates

·         Lipid Guidelines

·         Population Health and how we need to respond

·         Cancer awareness for admin staff

·         Menopause update

·         Mental health awareness for Practice Admin staff


We also provide ad hoc events that meet a particular need for a core group.  E.g. Diabetic feet training.

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